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Bloated PhotoSettingsCache folder




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The PhotoSettingsCache holds tiffs for each mask you've created. Yes, it can grow to be quite large.

    It is safe to remove the folder. The reason for caching the masks is to speed loading of the Previews. If there isn't any cached mask for the image you are viewing it will be recreated which will slow down how quickly it shows up onscreen.

  • Gytis Burauskas

    Why do masks have to use uncompressed tiff file format which often is even larger than the raw file, although contains only mask information? This is really wastefull on disk space.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    You have masks that are more than 52MB is size? My guess would be speed. Compressed images would need to be decompressed before they could be used and that takes time and would slow down the loading of the image.

    You'll have to ask tech support. No one here actually knows the answer to that.

  • Ray Miles

    This folder is now over 64GB! I had not removed it earlier but guess I now will, since On1-related files are now taking up about half my internal drive space.

    Do I trash the folder itself or just its contents?

    Can I also trash the ExportCache folder (not that it is very large)? And what about core-bak files? Are they just backups?



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