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Difficulty Adding Borders



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    About the border effect, there is a scale slider to fit the image inside the border.

    I don't understand exactly what you're doing in layers, I would need a screen cap to see your setup. I don't think you would need transform on the color fill.

    What I would do is start with a blank canvas set to the required final size. Then add the first color fill which would cover edge to edge. Then the second color fill on top of it. Instead  of using transform, mask out the unwanted area so the lower layer shows through.  Finally add your photo on a third layer centered above the borders.

    I'm not at my pc to test it at the moment but pretty sure that should work.

  • Roger Gough

    Thanks for the suggestions Rick. 

    I tried the border effect again, using the scale slider. Unfortunately, the border produced had a different aspect ratio to the photo, so the slider made the border fit left to right, but not top to bottom.  

    I also tried your suggestion using layers, but I could not find a method to precisely mask the colour layer or to precisely centre my photo in the third layer. 

    I have inserted a screenshot of what I did originally, but I am not sure if this will help you.

    Unless I get any other suggestions, I might have to revert to a simple black border, because any mistakes will be very expensive when I order the large print!!

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The Borders effect uses a simple PNG file with a transparent hole in it for the image to show through once the Border has been placed over it.

    You can create your own. Start like Rick suggested for creating your own but do not add your photo to it. Get everything set up to your liking then Export it as a PNG. That can then be Imported with the Extras Manager into the Borders where you'll then be able to select it like all the others.

    That will solve your aspect ratio issues. Getting things centered properly is a different matter that you'll have to play with.

  • Roger Gough

    Rick and Brian, thanks for your suggestions, but there was something nagging the back of my mind which made me question why my original method had not worked. So, I tried again from scratch and the borders were perfect!! Maybe I got the sequence wrong, or maybe I had done too many edits to the same file, who knows, but it is working now, and I have been able to repeat the process just to make sure.

    My method removes the need for masking or centering anything, because it is all controlled by the canvas size, and layer sizes in pixels, therefore making it a precise method.

    Maybe my post can go from being a question to a tip for you or anybody else!! To keep this easily readable, I will add the steps I used in another post below....

  • Roger Gough

    1. Take a note of the original photo dimensions in pixels. 

    2. Open the photo in edit and increase the canvas size height and width by 300 pixels (this creates space around the photo for the borders).

    3. Add a white colour fill layer. Use transform to change the height and width to the original size plus 50 pixels each (this adds the thin white border that is only visible outside of the photo). Place this layer below the photo layer.

    4. Add a black colour fill (this fills the remaining space to create the thicker black border). Place this layer below the white colour fill layer. 

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    That's pretty much what I wrote, you did it in a different order. Glad you got it figured out.


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