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On1 Effects 21 Not showing up in Photoshop



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  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    When you ran the installer did you see the message about it having installed the plug-ins for Adobe products?

    Have you tried running the installer again? Restarting your computer after should not be necessary but it wouldn't hurt just to make sure you've got a clean slate to start with.

    If all else fails you can install them yourself, manually. Inside the ON1 Effects 2021 folder there should be the folders Plug-in Files/ON1 Effects and inside that are the actual plug-in files. .lrplugin is for Lightroom, .plugin is for Photoshop, and .coplugin is for Capture One. Copy them to the appropriate plug-in folders for the programs you use. You should check that program's documentation for the proper location.


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