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Camera Profiles



  • Official comment

    Hey guys,

    Our engineering team is aware of a problem with the camera profiles feature within the Develop module for certain camera models. We are committed to resolving this problem in future free updates, but in order to do so our QA and Engineering team will need copies of a file and corresponding sidecar files (.xmp and .on1) in order to do so. If you have not done so already, please send this information to our tech support team.

  • Frank Schophuizen

    I have the same problem with .CR2 files (Canon Raw format). During loading of the image the Camera Profile is shown, but when the loading is done, the Camera Profile field disappears.

    Edit1: Windows platform

    Edit2: Raw + on1 + xmp files sent to tech support

  • James Nelson

    I’m also having profiles problems not showing for my Olympus OM1 Mark II in the latest ON1 software update.  I ask ON1 support for help about one month ago.  No help in resolving this issue with Olympus profiles not showing using ON1 latest update software. Very disappointing.

  • Joan Davis

    Having the same problem w Camera Raw 2020.  So excited about this feature.  Would love to be able to add it to my workflow.  Shooting with a Canon 1dx.  No options under tone & color / Camera profile.  Please advise.

  • Joan Davis

    Ignore me - I was not using a raw file,  When opening a raw file, I have options.  Thanks for your patience!

  • Tjits Nijholt

    Same problem here with my Olympus cameras (.ORF files). In version 2021.5 the camera profiles showed up whereas in version 2022 the camera profiles are greyed out

    I'm using a windows 10 PC

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    It's a known problem that affects more than just the .ORF file. I don't see them for my .cr3 files from my Canon R5 either.

  • John Fjeldsted

    It seems the problem remains - When I process with NoNoise 2023 AI the return file profile shows Adobe Standard and if I try to select the original profile, it's not available.  


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