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Using an old iMac



  • Les Cornwell

    I have a late 2012 iMac 27-inch with 16GB RAM and run Memory Clean 3 by FIBLAB, from the AppStore (

    I must say I rarely need to flush my memory. Memory Clean will notify me if programs remain open (and unused) for some time and offers to close them in order to increase available memory.

  • K G

    I have a macbook pro, late 2011 with 16GB ram, updated with SSD local hard drive, with thunderbolt SSD external for cache and thunderbolt spinning drive holding images...


    I too have to shut pretty much everything down to use On1 RAW.  I find that i can maybe start using with my wacom tablet and pen, but after a short while, the pen will start lagging VERY badly....and becomes unusable. I have to switch to mouse then.

    While in Develop, when switching to a new image, it takes a good 20-30 seconds easily for the image to fully load, I guess about the same for full sized images in Browse too.

    So far, I can live with the image loading ,etc....BUT, I really wish it had full support for the Wacom Tablet and pen, I really prefer the precision I can get with that on local adjustments and anything with a brush.

    I will at times, send an image from On1 to Affinity Photo,or PS for heavy compositing or content aware editing...and my wacom will still lag a bit UNTIL I shut down, it seems the culprit is On1...once I stop On1....wacom and pen is normal and full speed in all other apps.


    I love this software, I'm trying to get off using Adobe and that I hate the 'rental', On1 is getting close, just a few more tweaks on performance.  The functionality I love...just need to tune the performance.

  • Les Cornwell

    I'm afraid our Macs are getting a bit old for future versions, not only of ON1, but also of the competition. Our Macs are equipped with almost obsolete graphic cards, that cannot be replaced, and have maximum 1GB VRAM. I did not buy into RAW 2018, as I found 2017 was not going the way I wanted it to. I still sporadically rely on v.10.5 for my portraits and use different software (DxO) for RAW development. I was not looking for RAW development, and certainly not for those features introduced in 2018 (panorama, HDR...), whilst removing (already in 2017) the specific Portrait module.
    Meanwhile I have bought into PortraitPro for my portraits, and will be following what ON1, which I have supported ever since the first OnOne Perfect Layers), is going to do, but I'm afraid I will not buy a new version before I have renewed my Mac. Next year, or 2020 at the latest.

  • Ernest Gupana

    Unfortunately, ON1 2018.5 for Mac has a lot of bugs foremost of which is the very slow speed in both Browse and Develop modules especially if you're using a high resolution camera, 42 megapixel or so. This was not a problem with the old version of ON1 2018.1. So for now I went back to the old version of 2018.1 since it's faster and in reality there really is not much major difference from the 2018.5 version. Another really serious problem that I have encountered with the 2018.5 version is the very slow exporting to jpeg. I had a photo that had a very simple edit of just highlights and shadows and when I tried to export it to jpeg it took almost an hour to export it. That was ridiculous. The solution was to just disable the photo size pane. Then of course you loose your choices for different sizes. BUT if you have a lot of layers on your photo even if the photo size pane is disabled, it goes back to being slow.

    I am using an old Mac as well - a MacBook Pro 13", 2012, with 8 Gig of memory. But as I was telling support the speed has never been a problem with Lightroom or Capture One 11 on this Mac. Those competitors are working blindingly fast on my computer. So definitely there is a problem with ON1 2018.5 version and it's not our 'old' Macs. They have to quickly find a solution or they will have a lot of disgruntled Mac users ( I heard this is not a problem with Windows).


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