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Access to the Grid view




  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I imagine that you don't have a grid view there because you need a larger image than what's in the grid to edit. You're aware that you do get a filmstrip view though right?


  • Eilif Johanssen

    I agree with David. The G key should take us back to grid view from Dev and Effects. Suggested this functionality in the On1 project, but not sure if it has been noticed. Saves one click, and i go back and forth between the various modules/views all the time.

  • Michael Burke

    I have a fairly large monitor so using the filmstrip view in Develop and Effects works for me. It does take a few seconds longer for the large picture to come up though.

  • Stefan Sheriden

    I agree, Lightroom supports G shortcut to take you from Develop back to Browse Grid view.


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