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ON1 Photo RAW 2018 Effects (stand alone) Export issue



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    If you haven't already, you should send this to tech support along with any details you can think of and you should also include your PC specs, and a copy of the log file taken immediately after the problem occurs.

  • Frank Schophuizen

    Just out of interest: were can we find the log file?

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    On the help menu, near the bottom. 'Show On1 log' will open the log in a text file (notepad in Windows), from there you can give it a name and save it or copy and paste. The most recent events are near the bottom which is why I suggest saving the log soon after the error, It'll be easier to find that way.

  • Frank Saxton

    I've entered a ticket on this but so far I am not getting much of a response.  Piggy-backing on this thread since my problem is somewhat related.

    Problem started a couple of weeks ago after I did a Photo RAW update.  I have since updated to yesterday's latest release:  same problem.

    This is fairly repeatable.  To simplify the symptoms I have narrowed the test exercise to one operation.  Open a Nikon NEF file.  Go to effects.  Add a border.  Export to jpg.  This has worked more or less flawlessly for the 6 months I have been using this product.  Now, the exported jpg does NOT have the border although it does have my watermark.

    This is not a border or even an effects issue. Export will ignore cropping, perfect erasures, masking...  pretty much you name it.

    If I am tenacious enough and keep clicking the export icon I will usually, eventually, get an exported jpg that is faithful to the editing I've done.  But needless to say, the product is pretty much useless to me as it is.

    I don't see much opportunity for this to be an operator error. 

    I did consider that it could be something in my settings.  Right around the same time I installed two preset "rewards" installed fine.  The other seriously munged a bunch of settings.  I'd really prefer NOT to have to reinstall and then re-configure my Photo RAW software especially since it's not clear that doing so will fix anything.

    Since repeated attempts to export will eventually render a correct jpg I don't see how this could be a settings issue.

    The only thing that makes me think this could be an issue on my end is that this problem is so severe, so obvious and so devastating that the entire user base would be screaming about it

    So far, ON1 support has been zero help.

    Sending me links to articles that explain how to use various features is NOT helpful.

    I'll have a look at the log file mentioned in this thread and can provide a copy if needed.

    I would *REALLY* appreciate it if someone would spend a few minutes to actually help me resolve this issue as I have already cut the cord with Adobe so I can't afford to be 100% down which is the case the way things are now.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Frank, there was a bug in the last version that certain filters would be ignored when exported from Effects. The temp solution was to switch to browse and export from there. I haven't had a chance to check yesterdays update to see if that bug is resolved yet.

  • Kevin Pinkerton

    Frank, I just checked this with an .NEF. I cropped it and put a border around it and exported it while in Effects. The crop and the border did come show up in the jpeg. 

    I am using the version that was released yesterday. 

    I did what Rick mentioned. I went back to browse and did the export again. The crop AND the border were there in the jpeg.

  • Markku Huttunen

    Respond from ON1 Jan 04 2019: "We apologize for the hassles you are experiencing.
    Unfortunately we do not have a fix for Effects 2018 for these previous bug.
    It has been addressed in our ON1 PHOTO RAW 2019 but not Effects 2018."

    So one more issue that will remain unfixed.

    So they lost one customer more. I'M DONE WITH ON1 !!!


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