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Fix blank areas after using Transform tool



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    There are a suggestions on the Photo RAW Project Page to add a smart fill for expanding the Canvas. Give them a vote. 

    Content Aware Scale

    PR needs a Colour Fill Layer and a better version of New Canvas.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Antolin, your solution is the same, but 2 years ago we didn't have the color fill option available so we had to create it ourselves. It is the merging of the 2 layers which resets the canvas.

  • Antolin Agar Soto

    As always happens, the new ones believe we discover the world.

    I have inserted a comment in the PR project as Brian tells me

    Thanks Rick

  • Antolin Agar Soto

    Como siempre pasa, los nuevos creen que descubrimos el mundo.

    He insertado un comentario en el proyecto de relaciones públicas como Brian me dice

    Gracias Rick

  • Stephen Berte

    Antolin's solution works.  However, I found I had to move the white layer to the back and leave it visible in order to have any option to merge the layer.   Once merged, I was able to clone over the white portions with no problem.

  • Antolin Agar Soto
    Yes Stephen you are right, I expressed it badly.

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