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Cropping is as slow as molasses!



  • Jim Durfee

    I had these similar issues, you need to submit a support ticket and get those at ON1 to help you fix this.

  • Jim Major

    I'm on a Win 7 system and don't experience this. I can drag the crop window around easily. Using the arrows keys is quite poky, but shift-arrow accelerates it nicely. Oh - version 2018.5 (

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I've had the same problem since Photo Raw was released. It's been reported a few times now by others as well.

  • Nigel Latham

    I had the same problem and it drove me nuts until I updated the video drivers to the latest version (Nvidia), hey presto problem gone. Smooth as silk now but I needed to get the drivers directly from the Nvidia site, my laptop manufacturer and Windows did not have the latest drivers available. This is on a Windows 10 machine.

  • Kevin Pinkerton

    This is not really an answer but I do have two comments...

    1) if I do any rotation while in cropping and a corner of the cropping window touches the edge of the original photo, the resizing will hit a snag and basically stop resizing. That is until I get that one corner off the edge of the original photo. Once that is done, I can continue to resize.

    2) if my filter list becomes complex, with perhaps a dozen or more filters, especially if I use masks in any of the filters, all sliders in any location (develop or effects) starts to bog down and the latency between the slider movement and the display update becomes noticeable. I sort of expect that because ON1 is re-applying everything after whatever effect I am editing (or god forbid, in develop) all the way thru to update the display. 

  • Stephen Munyan

    By any chance are you using catalogs?  On1 was running very fast for me until last night when I created two catalogs.  The catalogs have never completed building.  All tools such as crop, masking, etc are now very slow.  I just entered a note in this support forum.



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