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Processor overheating on Macbbok Pro with Photo Raw 2018 and 2018.5



  • David Redfearn

    This is a very old issue that started with 2018.5 - I have posts about the problems I had in this thread.  These issues resolved for me with the 2019 and 2020 updates.  (And this is not just about weak hardware - I had the problem with a high-end iMac.). It may be that On1 works in a way that stresses the hardware you have, and you might want to look for alternatives.  I also use Capture One Pro 20 and like it a lot - you can get a 30 day  free trial to see how it performs on your hardware.  I don't know what your editing and DAM requirements are, but you might also want to take a look at RawPower (in the Mac App Store).  It uses the Apple RAW engine and has all the basic editing controls and it performs pretty well on low end hardware (e.g., my 2018 MBA).  Version 3 to be released this month I think also interfaces with the Apple Photos library - so you can both manage images and edit.  RawPower is inexpensive and is worth trying,



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