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Problems on both Mac OS and Windows



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I see no one else is commenting on this. It's a good point, but I wonder how many people could know that a promlem affects both. In any case, whoever is posting will use the forum for the platform they're using. Personally, I check all of the foriums anyway even though I only use windows.

  • Frank Schophuizen

    What triggered me to put this on is that I have an issue with Camera Profiles. I looked through all forums, except the Mac forum, and found no mention of the problem. When I tried to enter it on the Windows forum, it was automatically found so I added a comment I had the same problem.

    When I tried to find it back, I could not find it; until I looked at the Mac forum. Since my problem was on Windows, I re-edited the comment to add that it is on Windows. But in fact, a Windows problem should not be located (only) on the Mac forum, because Windows users will not find it.

  • Colin Grant

    If it is a general question like "I get this on my Windows machine is anybody else seeing it" then this would seem the right forum. After that I guess it will have to be both mac and windows forums. Maybe a way to cross post can be created?


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