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Export Watermark not available



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Hmmm, looks like you've posted this twice somehow. Can I get you to go to the other one, click the gear and try deleting it? Thx.

    John, when you go to export there are eight filters, but only 2 are on by default. You can turn the other on as you need them by clicking the little circle on the title bar.

  • John Messeder

    I'm only seeing one of this query. I did inadvertently try to duplicate a Reply to another user's post, and the system said it appeared I'd already posted it. What made me think I hadn't was the draft of my Reply still was on my screen. But if I see the dupe of this one, I'll try to delete it.

    Meanwhile, turning that circle into a dot fixed the problem Export/Watermark works; now I've only to play a bit with the adjustments. Thanks for the quick response. I'm hoping to get ON1 working with Dropbox so I can switch from Lr CC


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