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Reinstalling Photo RAW 2018



  • David Kick

    Hi Ori,

    You just install the latest version.



  • Kevin Pinkerton


    Installing the latest PR over top of an existing PR has never caused me any pain or loss of data. But, if you are using Windows, you should turn off your antivirus and you should run the install as the Administrator to make sure you do not have any issues.

    When swapping hard drives and basically installing a new install of PR on a fresh drive, there are some things to be aware of.

    If you keep your photos and catalogs on an existing, separate drive, AND you have sidecars turned on, you should not loose any edits.

    If you do not have sidecars currently turned on, then you need to turn it on BEFORE you install a new PR on a new hard drive. And you need to go thru and touch ALL of your photos that you want to keep all of the editing that you have done. There are some simple ways to do the touching if you need help on that.

    There are some other things to be aware of, especially in any of the customized filter settings where you named things for ease of use later. 

  • Ori Steinberg

    Thank you, David and Kevin for your responses.  David, that is the answer I was hoping to hear. 

    Thank you.


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