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Re: Importing from Library on Mac



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I think i would need to know what 'Library' is and how you would be making those changes. Also do you use sidecar files or On1s database for saving edits.

    Generally, On1 doesn't technically import anything, as long as you can see your photos on your hard drive, On1 should see them too and if you're just reorganizing a hard drive, you should use On1 browse to move things around since it will update itself as you go.

    If you have more info, post it here.


  • Mary Jo Gatti

    Thanks, Rick, for your reply.  My hard drive’s Library of photos got messed up, I think, when Apple dropped Aperture and I had to use their Photos app.  I had used Aperture to organize my folders - all nice and neat.   With the file transfer, I ended up with my picture folders in 2 Libraries, Library 1 and Library 2,  so I started a new catalogue in the Photos app and lots of duplicates  - a mess.

    Anyway I had a hard time finding my new pics as Exports to bring into On1 2018 to open them in Browse.  This may be too much info but maybe someone else has done something like it.

    I’m trying to put my photos from my camera and my iPhone into my HD > MJG > Pictures, which is now in a Catalogued Folder in On1 so that On1 can open them in Browse.  But I’m still not sure where to Save the edited photo so I can make a photo book or prints - any ideas?


  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    So your Library is just a set of folders on your drive. If you need to move those around to organize it, you can do that with Browse in On1. You can make all of the folders you need and just drag photos individually or in groups, or folders and drop them in the catalog to move them on your drive. Using On1 will help keep all of the sidecars in place and the catalog up to date.

    As for exporting, I have a folder called 'Developed' that export puts all of those photos in to and there are a few subfolders to help organize them .

    I'm not a Mac guy, so I'm assuming folders work pretty much the same as on Windows.


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