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  • David Kick

    Russell,  I haven't played with resizing much but I think the Resize module in On1 is pretty powerful if you use it right. I would suggest you watch this excellent youtube video on the Resize module by Anthony Morganti  

  • Vinny Giannino

    Just my $0.02, I believe that Topaz program needs a lot of computing power to work quickly. If I'm not mistaken my computer which is old couldn't use that program if I wanted to use it. I just wanted to put it out there as we sometimes forget that our computers might matter in how the programs work.


  • George Burtless

    Perfect Photo Version 8 Resize allowed you to UN-constrain proportions of the image and make minor adjustments to fit canvas and other odd sized media.  Is there anyway to put this back ??? ( I wonder)


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