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Copies and Renaming



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    First I'd want to know where the PSD files are coming from. This is not something On1 does during import.

    Perhaps you should describe your EXACT procedure so we can see what you're trying to do.

  • Brad Parsons

    Thank you for chiming in Rick,


    I was basically guessing as looking at the preferences it says it saves a PSD copy, maybe only when editing. Is that the case?  The real question is why do all of my imports have a copy made as well?  In looking on my drive there are 6 files all associated with the one picture.  An example:







    What so many files and how can I eliminate the "copy" files from being generated?

    Also, why can't I rename on import?  Is it because of all these files being created and I end up with duplicate naming.



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    As i mentioned, I'd need yo know your exact procedure. At least I don't see any PSDs there, that's good. I would suggest that for now you don't use import. All it does is copy your files and do a few things that you can do yourself anyway.

    So in On1 browser use the local drives to navigate to your photos (you can use cataloged folders too if you're using them). Then check and make sure the 'orf' and the related 'copy.orf' are in fact the same photo. If they are actually 1 to 1 duplicates just delete the copies, you can use the Filters on the left so find anything with 'copy' in it (On1 will take care of the .on1 and .xmp for you). Once you have JUST your photos and no copies, then you can do a batch rename which is the same thing Import does, by selecting the photos or folders yourself. I suggest you name them something better than 191 though. Mine look like 20180716-191. That way I can search and sort properly.20180716 is the date taken, the dash is text and the 191 is a serial number. See my attached photo for how this looks in On1. You can set it up any way you like of course.

    If you already have photos 001-200, you can't rename them again from 001 - 200 because it will say you already have those numbers. To get around that rename them 300-500 first, then while they're still selected do 1-200 and there will be no conflicts.

     By the way, you can just use the browser to copy (or move) your photos from wherever you were importing them from. Just select them and drag them where you want them to go


    Let me know how it goes.


  • Brad Parsons

    I think I got it.  First the extra copies seem to be from an inadvertant double import.  Then the naming I realize can only be done on the second line. 


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