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Perfect Eraser



  • Official comment

    The effectiveness of the Eraser tool will vary depending on the object you are trying to remove and the surrounding information. Sometimes you may need a few strokes of the Eraser tool in combination with the Retouch brush to achieve usable results.

    For cases when the Eraser tool is not removing the object how you would like we recommend using the Clone Stamp Tool to remove the object manually. With the Clone Stamp tool, you will be able to choose specific locations that you would like to clone from rather than the Eraser tool choosing these points based off of the information surrounding the object you are trying to remove. For more help on how to use the Clone Stamp tool, please see: 

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Perfect eraser works about 50/50 for me. Sometimes it works flawlessly but other times it leaves huge artifacts. I find sometimes I have to try all 3 methods and sometimes a combination to find the best tool for that particular problem.

  • Adam Rubinstein

    Perfect eraser has been perfectly awful.  I usually end up cloning and/or healing brushes.

  • Colin Grant

    It has been that way for a long time now. I wonder why ON1 do not address the issue? I for one raised a ticket in the past. Other software proves an eraser of that type can perform better. They can never be "perfect" I guess but they can be better.

  • Colin Grant

    The official comment is noted but the fact remains the brush is awful and nowhere near the standard of some other software, DxO and even Luminar are better and PS" Content aware Fill knocks it sideways. Sorry far from good enough.


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