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Need OpenGL 3.3 or higher



  • Official comment

    Prior to installing our applications, please make sure your machine meets the minimum requirements in our Technical Specifications page below:

    If your machine does meet the minimum requirements listed above, and you are still receiving the "Open GL 3.3 or later" is required you will need to update your GPU driver and configure our application to run off of the high performance GPU on your machine (if your machine has dual GPUS). These steps are listed below and have resolved this error for all other Windows users installing our applications on a compatible machine:


  • Kevin Pinkerton

    I got this error in previous version of ON1. And it was intermittent. Sometimes when I ran PR it would run and sometimes it would give me the error you mentioned.

    I would make sure you have the latest video drivers for machine. As that message really means that PR wants to use OpenGL 3.3 and it cannot get the video driver to agree with it that the video driver supports it. I do not think you want to try and find OpenGL distribution and install it. I would not do that. I would also search ON1 FAQ for that as well.

    I never found a solution and the problem just sort of went away.

  • Jim Major

    GL3.3 is a trait/capability of your video card - you either have it or you don't. If you don't and you want to use many of the newer graphics programs, you'll have to bite the bullet (like I did) and get a new video card.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Joe, in addition to Jim and Kevins comments, just scroll up and put "OpenGL 3.3" into the search box. On1 has a few things you can check.

  • Kevin Pinkerton

    What Jim said... Also, if you have multiple video chips in your computer, you need to tell Windows which one to use with ON1 PR. In the case of nVidia, there is an app that nVidia provide that allows you to do this. I am sure ATI has one as well.

  • Brian Gibson

    I'm using Windows 7 64-bit and I was getting lots of "Not responding" messages. I updated my AMD graphics driver but I was still getting "Not responding" - I checked again and found there had been another AMD driver update, shortly after the one I had installed. I installed the very latest version and the "Not respondong" messages have disappeared.
    I never had any messages about "Open GL" support at any point.

    I noticed that the On1 recommendation is for a video card that supports Open GL 4.5 or later, which is what recent cards seem to support, and I was wondering if there would be any advantage in installing a more recent card that supports later Open GL versions, even though the card I have is OK at the moment. Why should I need Open GL4.5? Would that be for future expansion?


  • Antonio Andrade

    I still have adobe products that installation faiclity is much higher and with prices much lower. Should you already install the opengpl upgrade or installation program or make a version without opengpl

  • Paul Dlugos

    I had a problem with "openGL 3.3" when I installed the update to ON1 Photo Raw 2022.5.  I couldn't find  this on my Win11 laptop computer.  Since I had run ON1 Photo Raw 2022 in previous updates without a problem I decided t re-boot the computer and voila! everything worked - no more probelms with "can't find openGL v3.3."

    On my iMac - no problems at all.


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