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Converting to Jpeg



  • Kevin Pinkerton

    Download the user manual from here:

    It has been awhile since I used 2017, but the concepts (perhaps not the user interface screens) are the same. You want to export your raw image to a jpeg. Look up export in the user manual.

    You have control over the jpeg file name, resolutions, quality, etc. By default it will create the jpeg in the same directory as the RAW file.

    Look up and make sure you check the ON1 preferences to enable the use of sidecar files so that all of your RAW edits are saved in a .ON1 file with the RAW files (for future editing). If sidecar files are not enabled, ON1 will still keep track of your edits, but it will store the edits in a database that could get trashed, plus the database does not migrate when/if you decide to move your work to another computer. You can enable sidecar files even after you have already edited your files and all you have to do it touch the raw files in some way (like toggle the heart, or change the rating) and ON1 will create the sidecar files and will store all of the editing from the database into the sidecar file.

    One last thing... try not to edit the exported jpeg files by accident. Keep your editing confined to the raw files. Things get real confusing if you mix editing.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Just to add to Kevins reply, I'd recommend that you export your photos to a dedicated folder for Developed photos so you keep them seperate from the originals.

  • Mian Tanzeel

    It works fantastic. My only criticism is that the image to PDF converter hangs when used in the command line when being executed from a script running as a service. If you log the service in as administrator it works fine, but not otherwise. It hangs forever otherwise. Other than that I love it. You could have charged twice what you are charging and I gladly would have paid it

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