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Removing reflections from glasses


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  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Glasses? As in eye glasses? I haven't tried that and I think it will matter how much detail you can see through the glasses. In the photo below which I took through a window, you can see a lot of reflection in the upper right area. To reduce it, I used a Local adjustment set to Darken, then with a low opacity brush I painted the reflections to darken them.Some areas needed more than others and if you go too far just paint back in again. The result is in the lower photo, only a small amount of reflection is still noticable.

    You can try something like it on your glasses to see if it helps. Once you've dome the painting, you couls play with the other adjustments in the same filter to see if you can get the colours and detail to match. Good luck.

    Before top / After bottom


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