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Panorama will not save. Pops permissions Dialog



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Carl, it won't matter what settings you use in Pano, that has no effect on saving the file. I'm assuming that you can export files ok.

    If I had this problem, I would reinstall On1 making sure to use Admin mode. In addition you can enable admin mode when you run On1 as well just to make sure it has all available permissions. Doing a search I also found this link which you might want to try.

    If you still can't get it to work, you'll need to submit a support ticket with all of the related details and include a copy of the On1 log taken after observing the problem.

  • Carl Shackford


    I am a retired IT Pro so permissions are not a mystery to me. I did run the Pano again and was able to finally save with the default user to my second local drive and my NAS mapped as Y: It took 3 more times. 1 plus a save to both locations but it is working now.

    In running ON1 as Admin ON1 did not recognize my NAS system. There is no Administrator user built within the share permissions for the Device (WD Cloud). I did build one and added the permissions but it still does not recognize the NAS system. Since I am not logged into my computer as the Administrator the app is just following the protocols over my Network. So no surprise. 

    I suspect there was some learning going (possible DB updating) on since I had not used the Pano since the latest app update.  I do have a protocol analyzer and will take a look a what is being passed to satisfy myself.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply and the suggestions. 



  • James

    Hey Carl, 

    This is a permissions issue on your machine rather than a problem with the Photo Raw 2018. When you open an image in the Layers module or send photos to the HDR/Pano modules, the program will make a copy of the file and saved this file next to the original image wherever it resides on your machine. You will need to make sure that you have both read and write permissions to this particular folder/drive. If you do not have both read and write permissions to this location, you will receive the error message included in your screenshot. After making sure you have both read and write permissions to this location you will be able save files back to this location. 


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