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Achieve soft focus



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Dann, you have a number of options to control blurring,

    • Detail in the tone enhancer filter
    • Blur filter, which has 5 different modes
    • Lens blur filter
    • Structure and Noise in local adjustments

    You'll need to explore and see which works best for you.

    The only video I could find was this one by Steven Dempsey. It's B/W and uses dynamic contrast and Blur to do what you were describing.

  • David Kick

    Dann ,  Here's another video just published on  9/10 by On1

    Dillon from On1 discusses using the  "Skin Retouching" filter in effects as well as the "Blur" filter which Rick mentioned above. 



  • Dann Hagstrom

    Thank you for your speedy and passionate responses. I think GLOW helped a little with HALO off and then I added the FX Tone Enhancer> Detail (I went easy). 

    Also, the video Rick mentioned by Steven Dempsey taught me a LOT about FX features. Thanks. 

    I used Clarity in Lightroom to knock of the edge on not just portraits but group shots as well and I think I've achieved it now in On1.


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