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Tip for those folks planning on capturing the total lunar eclipse 1/20/19



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Peter, the second image looks awsome but I'm not surprised. Without even looking, I could tell from your description that the 'digital zoom' isn't worth using simply because you only get a jpg out of it when you could crop the raw yourself and still have all of the raw details for editing and resizing.

    I've always hated the idea of digital zoom and the ONLY advantage I can see for it is for photographers (I use the term loosely in this case) who don't post process at all and digital zoom is the only way to get that crop.

    Thanks for the post, interesting comparison.

  • Peter Pfeiffer

    Thanks Rick,

    If one needs an image with which to plan digital zoom is worth the time. In my case I will certainly use it when presenting short cuts and tips to my club - of course the main point will be PLANNING only.

    The process I used created an interim >1GB psb file. I wanted to have an accurate 2400mm simulation so I simply resized the 600mm x4 both horizontally & vertically. Maybe there's better method but I really didn't want to dive into the math any further. Eventually the psb file was cropped to the exact dimensions as the 2400mm file.

    Original jpg file = almost no time PP, simulated 600>2400 close to 30 minutes.


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