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Migrating from Aperture to On1 Photo Raw



  • Charles J Taft


    I just checked to see if I can run Aperture on my MacMini Late 2012, running Mojave OSX, so not really the latest and it seems to work. I think one way to check is to see if the App Store on whatever Mac you are using shows Aperture. If it can be downloaded, it probably can run. Sure worth a try? I think this might be the 32bit and 64 bit business. If Aperture is 32 bit that does not mean it won't run, but there will be no support or anything else either. Worth a try??


  • daniela langley

    I have the same question. Been an Aperture user for a few years and want to transfer my photos to On 1 2019

  • Charles J Taft

    As noted in my answer above, I am running Mojave and have found that the App Store no longer shows Aperture. I didn't look that hard. But, I went back in Time Machine, found it, restored and it runs. So you could continue using it.

    There is one really nasty way to get from Aperture to ON1. Photos will load and convert your Aperture libraries. Then you could "Export Unmodified Original Photos" to someplace easy to find. Then Import into ON1. I keep my master original photos always separate from any photo editing app of any kind. Yes, it takes some more time to make sure you have all your photos in one place. But, when I wanted to try ON1, I  just imported or referenced the photos I wanted. And you do, I hope and am sure, that you have copies of all those original photos on a HD stashed somewhere other than your house? Just asking! ;-)

    Good luck! 



  • Brian Battles

    I would like to know the answer to this as well.  I'm in the same boat.



  • Paul Williams

    Is there any way to move my Apple Aperture photos to On1 Photo Raw 2019 and retain all the edits and keywords, etc. for the photos?

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    If Aperture supports an exif file, On1 can read the metadata from that. On1 is not going to support the edits though, they would be incompatible.


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