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easy way to create albums



  • Peter Pfeiffer

    In browse grid mode highlight all images intended for the album and drag into album already created.

  • Kevin Pinkerton

    The highlight and drag method has it's dangers as well. Windows Explorer has bit my butt more times than I want to admit because of letting go of the mouse button while the pointer slides over to another folder. Then I have to spent time searching the other folders for the dropped items. It might just be me... :)

  • Chester Adamik

    It would be nice if they could make a keyboard shortcut like they have in Lightroom. In Lightroom you make an album active and hit a I think it was "B" and the photo goes into the album.


    Thanks for your help.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I think the key to this problem is as Peter says, select a group first and then either use the menu or drag them to the folder. If you drag, don't let go until you see the correct folder is active first. Don't forget that putting photos into albums doesn't actually move the photos.

    There is another option for this. go through your photos and add tags to them. You can have multiple tags if you need. Then create smart albums that populate automatically based on the tags. For example, if you add a tag "Jane" to all the photos of Aunt Jane then the smart album can be set to find all of those photos for you automatically. If you also have a tag "Family" the photo will be added to that Album as well. This would be the same as hitting "B" as you mentioned, it's just that the "B" is a tag instead.

  • Chester Adamik

    Thanks for your ideas

    I just have to get accustomed to this fine software.




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