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Is it possible to import from Lightroom a second time using On1 2019 to get the Lightroom edits?



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    It's a good question Don. I had a similar question, if I've already re-edited a photo in On1, what happens if I now import from Lightroom. Will the Lightroom edits become a version or will they replace my newer edits.

    We might not have answers to this untill 2019 is released.

  • Gerry Whitmarsh

    I put this very question to ON1 support but couldn't get a definitive answer. Anyway, maybe we will have to wait a while.

    >>> However, this behavior will likely be changing in the 2019 version. We hope to have the ability to create .on1 sidecar files during the Lightroom migration process in the new Photo Raw 2019. However, we are unable to officially comment on whether or not this will be included in the initial release at this time, but don't worry, we are working on it. You will see some more emails from us in the upcoming weeks with more information on the new features of the Photo Raw 2019, so stay tuned. <<<


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