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Elements won't plug in


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  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    That sounds more like a problem with your computer than anything else. If you want to post some details about what you're doing it might help. Things that you might try to help isolate the problem...

    • does PSE work properly by itself
    • does On1 work properly as a standalone
    • can you send files to any other app from PSE without errors
    • what setings are you using to send files from PSE to On1
    • are you able to manually open the file in On1 that you were trying to send from PSE
    • just so we're clear, are you trying to run On1 from PSE or PSE from On1
    • any other details we would need to know

    If you send in a tech support request, you should include as much detail as possible and include a copy of On1 logs with the request.



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