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What Happened to the Portrait Module in ON1 Photo RAW?



  • Official comment

    The Portrait module was discontinued, and the functionality of this module was merged to the Develop/Effects modules of the Photo Raw 2018. However, we are bringing the Portrait module back in the new Photo Raw 2019. To learn more about the new fixes and features coming in this version, please see: 

  • Vinny Giannino

    I don't do portraits so it doesn't affect me as it would you but in 2018 there is a skin retouching section in either develop - show more or in effects as a filter and there are both a magic eye fixer and a toothbrush under local adjustments - more. I'm posting this here just in case you didn't find them.

    Yes, there will be a portrait module in 2019 and unfortunately it is a paid upgrade. I am not on a fixed income yet but I am cheap and think that if money is/was an issue it is best to upgrade every 2 or 3 years so that it costs less unless you absolutely need something an update has.

  • Les Cornwell

    Coming from v.10.5, I purchased ON1 Photo RAW 2017 and found out the Portrait module was missing. So besides 2017, I still use v.10.5 when I want to do some work on portraits. I did not buy into 2018, because I understood the Portrait module would still be missing. Now 2019 is announced, and the Portrait module is back. So I preordered again.

    Although I had skipped 2018, I got 2018.5 immediately after preordering 2019. I have installed it, and am getting acquainted with the tools again, but I'm eagerly awaiting 2019, precisely for portraits.

    So you can indeed easily skip an update, especially when the developers take a route different from where you want to go. :)


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