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ON1 RAW 2018.5 will not display jpg files from SD Card.



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Hey John

    As I mentioned in the other group it would be good to know:

    • if the same photos worked if you moved them to the PC first.
    • it might make a difference weather browse is set to Fast or Accurate.
    • If On1 is just delayed in loading them how long have you waited for them to load?

    If you want to post these details here it might help, but I think you might have to put in a support request. If you do that, include a copy of the On1 logs so they can see if there are errors causing it.

    You can look at the logs yourself. They are accessable from the On1 Help menu. Once opened, scroll to the bottom. You won't know what any of it means but you can tell if something failed.


  • John Messeder

    = You're right; I can't read the log. I tried pasting it in here and locked up the browser tab. Twice. Maybe too long for the message field?

    = I've tried copying the SD content to the PC/Surface Pro. It didn't help. And I'm getting the same problem on other folders, in addition to the SD Card. When I select, say, the Camera Uploads folder in ON1, I get dark gray squares for each image in the folder. When I mouseover the images, I can see the filenames. If I double-click to expand a single image, I get the image briefly displayed, then replaced by a black "person" silhouette overlaid by a white rectangle and diagonal bar -- as though to say there is no image there.

    = I've tried both Fast and Accurate. No change.

    = I've waited hours for the images to display. They don't.

    I have submitted a ticket, but I could add the log file to it.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Ok, submitting the ticket sounds like the best plan for now. If they request the log you can attach the file rather than copying it. When you view the log it opens in a text file, just save that file somewhere that you can find it (desktop?) and then just attach it to your reply email.

    I'm glad you didn't post it here because I can't read it either!  :)


  • Giuseppe Burgio

    Hi John.

    I have similar problem.

    Have you solved?


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