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Does PhotoFrame Classic Borders & Textures work in On1 2018?



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Ann, are you sure the frames that you want aren't already part of 2018.5? 2017 is just an earlier version of 2018. They are both Photo raw.

    Looking through the FAQ I found this regarding Photoframe:

    These borders and textures can be found in the Effects and Layers modules of ON1 Photo 10 or ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW).

    I also found this. If what you're trying to install is on the list, I think it should work.

    **NOTE: These borders and textures will only work with versions of ON1 Photo 10 and ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) **

    Brush Frames

    Brush Frames II

    Canvas - Paper Frames

    Clean Simple Frames

    Designed Backgrounds

    Digital Frames

    Emulsion Frames

    Film Frames

    Grunge Frames

    Grunge Frames II


    Holiday - Baby


    Nature - Natural

    Photographic Frames


    Traditional Frames

  • Ann Hassig

    Yes, that's the list. I know there's already some in On1, but I'm not sure if those are there. When I click on one of those files it downloads a zip file, I can't tell if its already on the program. If I open the zip file it starts the program and I get a message that says if I click it it will install the preset(I've just tried this with the first one, Brush Frames). I haven't said yes as I don't want to have it cause problems with the program if its not compatible so I don't know what's there.




  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    If you want to be 100% sure, I guess you'll have to ask tech support. From what I've seen I think it should work and if it's already there you won't get a duplicate. Don't forget that On1 has an Extras manager now. If something didn't work, you can use the manager to delete it.

  • Don Maclean

    They all seem to work.


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