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Editing overlaps when lifting mouse button



  • Peter Pfeiffer

    Possibly I understand .... when I use local edits and want to adjust the tone and clarity but in different parts of my image I change brush opacity.

  • William Thigpen

    my issue is i want to be able to edit and lift my mouse and continue to edit without adding more to the original edit. It works very well in capture one this way. The mask i am working with shouldn't add to the mask i was working on just because my finger lifted off the button.

    If i wanted to apply more edit to the mask i would create another layer which should allow me to increase that edit further. 

    hope i am explaining it correctly.

  • Peter Pfeiffer

    Sometimes a picture is worth MANY words. I took a screen cap of a mask and the image to which it was applied. In EFFECTS I masked 3 areas and there was no overlap.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    William, I have 2 suggestions:

    • before you start painting reduce the opacity so that it takes more than one pass to get what you want. That way if you have to stop and start again you'll be able to control it better.
    • if you happen to overlap and paint too much, just press ALT to temporarily change your brush and paint that area out. Again, if you reduce the opacity you can be more accurate by taking multiple passes to get to the result.

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