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All photos appear in ON1 with yellowish tint vs Photoshop, Picasa etc.



  • Marek Pavelka

    Same problem here. Even when I transform my image, edges are not white but has this yellowish tint. Any advice please?

  • I Levi

    In my case, I've solved the problem by deleting monitor color profile. I had one set by Samsung driver.

  • Marek Pavelka

    Thanks for you answer. I already have deleted monitor color profile on account of same problem with Lightroom. In my case helped me to set sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile. Interesting is that switching between Browse and Edit modules is now much faster :)

  • Jason LaPrade

    Yes! This has made using on1 impossible for me.  I’ll look into the Color profile thing.  Thanks.  What happens when you render the photo?  For me, the yellowish tint goes away, essentially making the photo look the way it does everywhere except inside On1.


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