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Dual monitors and map module



  • Anthony Petrone

    Just bought Photo Raw 2019 today and was hoping for dual monitor support but am liking it so far, otherwise.

  • Magnus Wilson

    With Raw 2018 I seriously started to prepare for abandoning LR. With 2018.5 the speed was almost up to par, and given the new direction with effects, layers etc. I decided to make the switch. I've spent a few months testing and improving my workflow in Raw2018.5 and the main contribution that improved my On1 workflow, was to setup the WACOM properly with 4 different On-screen menus, ON1 Culling, ON1 Develop, ON1 Zom&Pan, and ON1 Radial plus Express-buttonsl.

    Given that you can only use one screen, the ON1 Culling menu has made the most for my workflow speed, since I don't need to move the mouse, and 95% of all commands are now accessible with a click from one menu, instead of moving the mouse all over the screen (since fixed menus left, top, right, bottom). I've tried extended the ON1 application over both screens, BUT since the LOUPE mode always CENTRE the image, that's extremely impractical, since you cannot optimize the editing size while staying on one screen only. It would be soooo simple to fix this, while waiting for proper Dual-screen support. Just use traditional text-centering approach for where the Loupe-view is positioned in the application, i.e. Left, Center, Right, and Justify. PLEASE.

    However, still, LR is faster for me, and for me it boils down to the Dual-screen workflow. It gives me superior control, since I use one screen for the GRID and COMPARE view, and ALWAYS Develop LOUPE on the other (always the same monitor too, so I have the right viewing angle body position). This maximizes the DEVELOP feel, while retaining the OVERVIEW that is so important in the CULLING process (to me the really weak part in ON1).

    The second LR feature that speed up the culling process, and I REALLY MISS it, is the Filter presets, making me really quickly switch back and forth from Rejected, Unrated, Under Editing Process, and Missing Keywords, to even further improve the Grid/Compare view on one screen and the editing on the other. PLEASE, PLEASE, Now I need to switch to Browse, manually change the filter, and then switch back to quickly becomes very tedious...

    Also, I really miss the Hierarchical Keywords, since I used keywords as part of my Culling and Develop process, and to be able to separate those keywords from all others are really nice (workflow keywords are not exported when I export the ready photos). This I still haven't decided how to deal with in ON1 Raw 2019. For now, I'm focusing on finding a Development-centered workflow, but my backlog of Keywording is quickly growing...not good, not good at all.


    Finally, the golden nugget feature for me (still lacking in ON1), is the LR slideshow, which I use to watch my photos (without the need to first Export them, which takes some serious time), PLEASE, PLEASE, fix this too. I have 3 use cases

     1)  purposely per photo shoot, to get a nice overview and reflect over composition, exposure and aperture (on-screen display of EXIF info), so I can improve and learn with every photo session 

    2) quickly display results for clients, when they sit next to me and we discuss what to do next

    3) for relaxation, just randomly show either by folder, per collection, filtered, or what ever...




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