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Complete Training from the ground up - where is it?



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Jay, you're using a Beta. 2019 isn't released yet.

    When it is there will be a user manual and new videos. At the moment if you click Help/Video tutorials you find just a few quick examples.

    In the mean time you can download the 2018 user manual and search youtube for older On1 videos, The 2018 videos will be pretty close to what's in 2019.

  • Barry Combes

    If you are a Plus Member try this link 

  • Jay Sax


    Yes, this product is in beta. I mentioned that in my post, multiple times.

    Yes, I know 2019 isn't released. I can hardly avoid knowing this, the number of reminders, messages, etc. that ON1 sends. I don't blame them. It's big news. Still - I totally and completely know that this is soon to be released and is not released yet.

    My goal is to determine if I want this product at all, and to do so within a (reasonable, I am sure) 30-day evaluation period.

    Thank you for suggesting the 2018 stuff. I will look there. Given the emphasis placed on how this is a big update, big change, lotsa new stuff, I am surprised that you would say that the 2018 stuff will be pretty close. But I'll go with that. You, or others here, would certainly be the best to know.

    @Barry - thanks. I am a plus member, at least for the nonce. I'll try that link.


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