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Old computer vs new gaming computer.



  • Stephen Munyan


    If you are going to start experimenting, I recommend that you get a free Task Manager replacement from Microsoft called Process Explorer (originally written as part of - now a part of Microsoft).  Process Explorer is much more powerful, and will allow you monitor all sorts of Windows activity including GPUs, etc.  You can get a copy of Process Explorer at:

    If you are running Windows 10, you need to check the On1 articles describing how to configure Windows and the ATI or nVIDIA software to allow On1 to use the GPUs on your graphic card.

    I recommend checking out the following On1 articles to get your system configured properly (note that you will need to re-configure your system each time you load a new version (e.g. 2018 vs 2019) because the directions need to tag one of the On1 executables.

    You can read a lot more about how to get your system properly configured by following my conversation with James in my support ticket from 3 months ago:

    On1 like all graphics utilities responds well to more and faster CPU/GPU cores, memory, and a fast disk.  Sadly once you get everything configured correctly, you will the crave additional screen real estate to improve your ability to edit your images.  You will then be in the market for a new monitor.  I purchased a really nice (and heavily discounted) Dell factory calibrated monitor that really improved my ability to edit my vacation pictures.

    Good luck. 




  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Steve, thanks for the post though both Vinny and I have been through this before. Still, I went through it yet again to make sure everything was set right. It was.

    By the way, that last link doesn't work. page doesn't exist.


  • Vinny Giannino


    I've been with ON1 software from version 9 so I have some experience as Rick said.

    I appreciate the info and I'm one of the people who recommend going into their graphics setup and point ON1 to use it exclusively. I did not know about the new system monitor and will take a look at that - thanks!

    Honestly I am expecting his computer to blow mine away, he's hinted in how fast it is. My new build is a couple of years away ... I am cheap and want to stretch out the purchase and to see where the whole Intel/AMD process goes.AMD has done a good job with their Ryzen processors and it has intrigued me in how AMD went from ho hum to wow; I'm thinking it'll kick Intel into high gear and both will be dueling for great processors ... if I was to build today I would go with the Ryzen 7 2700x processor (it is better at multi core processes) because of ON1 RAW using all the cores to process photos and I am/was an Intel fan!

    As far as screen real estate I have a 23" IPS monitor so all is good for me ... my son's computer is hooked up to a smaller monitor and a huge 55" 4K TV ... I'm not calibrating that monster! 

    Rick, if you have $900 now, he got a HP OMEN with a I7-8700 processor, 2 drives- SSD and 1 TB HD, GTX 1060 GPU with 3 GB memory and 16 Gb of ram. I thought is was an outstanding deal. Inside he has 1 Ram module and has 1 free for a total of 32 Gb total, it has a M.2 spot I believe. He got it at Best Buy. I almost feel like plunking that money down as well! :-)

    Steve, again thanks for the info!

  • Stephen Munyan

    The link works for me so Zendesk must be restricting access based on my On1 logged in user profile.

    Process Explorer is a fantastic tool.  I've been using it for years.  Process Explorer is one of around 40 tools created by Mark Russinovich years ago when he ran Sysinternals. Mark is now the CTO of the Azure division of Microsoft.

    The desktop system I built 6 months ago, and my new laptop are both Intel based, but my next build could be on an AMD chip set.  AMD has definitely stepped up their game.

    If you don't need a new system right away, waiting about 6 months for AMD and Intel to fix the security problems in the next generation chips will be a good bet.  Both companies got caught trying to over optimize their performance at the expense of security.  Google the terms "AMD INTEL firmware security spectre" for some interesting reading.





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