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Is there an On1 PhotoRaw for iPad in the works?



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I'm pretty sure someone has asked this before and the answer was no. Not surprised since I doubt an iPad wound have the power (especially without a graphics card) to run On1.

    I'm guessing the On1 viewer you mention is the On1 photo for mobile app. I don't know of any other.

  • Tdiz1

    The new iPad Pro is more powerful than most laptops out there.

    On1 should be on it as a full fledged app.



  • Gus Panella

    As a reference point, Affinity Photo has an iPAD app.  I would suggest very little if any difference between the performance between Win10 on i7 with nVidia gaphic and the iPaf with IOS12.   I would send money to On1 for an iPad version, 


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