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Perfect Eraser export bug



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    i haven't seen it before, but you should report it as a bug. If you attach the above example to the ticket and describe exactly what happened (like you did above) it will help. Attach a copy of the On1 log too.

  • George Fletcher

    Thanks Rick! I've filed it as a bug and it sounds like it's a known issue and being worked. Something about applying the perfect eraser before doing a local adjustment, if I understood the response in the bug report correctly:)

    I'm glad others haven't run into this :)

  • Darryl Brooks

    I had a similar issue. Posted pictures in the export slow and buggy thread.


  • David Desautel

    I think I'm having the same issue, and have contacted support about this.  In my case I'm using the Perfect Eraser to remove an object from my photo.  This requires several passes with the Perfect Eraser (I highlight the entire object, but only a portion disappears, so I highlight more of the object and part of that disappears) before I can get the entire object to disappear.

    Then, When I export the file to a JPG, some of the final object artifacts are still there.

    Here is the raw file before I use the Perfect Eraser:

    Here is the raw file just before I do my export:

    And here is the exported jpg file:

    Notice that part of the folded blue umbrella (the object I was removing) is still there at the bottom of the picture, under the blue window.



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