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Combining two images



  • Sherry Elliott

    This feature was available in ON1 2018 and I used it every day. In Layers I would go to "adjust canvas size" and create a larger workspace for my composite creations. Yes, years do fly by  . . . 

    So during this week's live 2019 event, I asked where "adjust canvas size" went. To my surprise this was addressed almost immediately by Dan, the presenter, and he said it was no longer available. And there were no plans to add it back in the future.

    This is a disappointment to me because I want to move on from Photoshop. I absolutely LOVE ON1 and have just upgraded to Mac OS Mojave now that ON1 is an awesome replacement for Apple Aperture. I thought the addition of the text feature would allow me to move on, but maybe not.

    For now, I'm creating new blank canvases in Photoshop in the size I might need and just opening them in Browse first. Not perfect or the end of the world, but annoying because I do not know when I start how big any creation will be.

    Absolutely LOVE the new Layers integration in 2019. I'm a big fan, for sure.

  • Kevin Pinkerton

    Wow! That adjust canvas size is a loss. I actually open a bug request asking about that. I have not heard anything and there is ZERO mentioned about it in the new user manual.

  • Anthony Petrone

    Why would they take this feature out if they want people to use them exclusively?

    I have cancelled my Adobe subscription and have purchased Raw 2019 to use exclusively so this is disappointing to hear.

  • Sherry Elliott

    Unfortunately this is the not the first time this has happened.The portrait adjustment features were just now added after no longer being available in updates about 18 months ago.

    I do not think it is a good business plan to discontinue previously available features in your product with no notice.

    I'm sticking with On1 and hope they continue to listen to their fan club. However, it is very concerning to me that the On1 Photo Raw project still does not show any requests for "adjust canvas size", when there is an obvious demand.


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