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Photo Raw slow





    If you look at my original post and spec of my machine, there are not many workstation spec high end like mine. I use for my design engineering business and it's way over spec for any photo editing software! Another high end laptop I use is running on Win7. Same issues. Not Win10 or Win7 problems. Something the way the software is using the hardware is causing issues. My laptops sounds like jet engines when I am using On1 and CPU is hot(I am monitoring CPU temperatures). It's also using lots of RAM (I have 32Gb ram on one worstation laptop and 64Gb ram on other workstation laptop) and freezes the application. Only way is to exit out.

  • David Ballano

    Same Here I bought the new version 2019, I have a 16GB Ram, i7 4ghz cpu and a gfx1080 computer.

    moving the sliders to change shadows blacks etc makes the computer fans go up and down and make the mouse crawl while moving the slider.

    dont know what is going on.


  • Bartek Krawczyk

    I've provided them with sample RAWs from my 5D mark III, on1 files and two movies: one showing how poorly On1 Photo RAW 2019.1 works and another one showing how well DxO OpticsPro 9 works on the same hardware, on the same RAWs. Waiting for any reply now.

  • Bartek Krawczyk

    I ma waiting for 6 days now for support's reply after I've sent them example raw files and a recording of the slowness. No news.

  • Anita Chandra

    This is really disturbing! I thought it was just me.

    I am on a fairly new iMac, latest OS software lots of RAM etc. I can't event switch between browse and edit it is so so slow!

    Such a shame as I love the features, however I can't work like this.It doesn't look like there is a solution yet, the no response indicated they have nothing to say as there is no fix yet.

    Not sure what to do as I converted from Lightroom which was awful, especially with their updates. 

    Any suggestions of an alternative? Has anyone tried Affinity Photo?

  • Jeff Lambert

    @Anita, Affinity is more a replacement for Photoshop than a Raw developper. Other well regarded Raw developper are, in no particular order: Exposure, DXO, Capture One, Luminar, Lightroom. They all have their plus and minus so YMMV.

  • Bartek Krawczyk

    I've provided them with RAWs, movies and on1 files on 04.01.2019. Since them I followed up asking for an update 3 times and no reply. My support case is 175457.

    Not very good customer care I would say. I had to extend my Lightroom CC subscription. Will check On1 in a year or two, maybe finally they will get their shit together.

  • J Michael Morelli

    Hey everyone,

    Stepping in here as this thread looks like it's spiraling a tad bit out of control.

    I'm going to be converting a lot of these comments to tickets in our support desk. I'm also going to turn off commenting for this thread. I do encourage you to start a new thread in the General Discussion if you feel the need.

    I'm going to be looking at every one of these tickets and following up with our Technical Support department about some of the issues discussed in this thread. 

    Apologies for the troubles, and stay tuned for some responses today from our team.


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