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Custom Dodge & Burn Tools



  • Kevin Pinkerton

    I use those tips for a final crispness to my photos. I set the exposure to +.15 and -.15 instead and invert the mask to apply it to everything. I might have gotten that from one of Blake's videos. I got it from a video, that is for sure. I use both of them, a dodge and a burn as they work together under my use.

    I used to do it as a local adjustment. But now I have them as presets under the Tone Enhancer effect. I have these in my general purpose presets for the initial photo preset.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Great tips guys. Thanks.

  • Peter Pfeiffer

    This general technique works well for other adjustments you normally use.

    I've made a couple: add structure, & desaturate


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