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Can't use ON1 Photo Raw 2019 with Photo Mechanic



  • Glenn Nelson

    I have the same issue with dragging a thumbnail from Photo Mechanic to ON1 Raw 2019. My preferred behavior is, as Jeffrey's--for that particular image to open in any module instead of the entire folder opening in Browse.

    Jeffrey, if I understand your secondary issue, when you open the image, you can move into the Layers module, then you would have to duplicate layers as you progress through edits. I think this is the same as 2018. Then when you export the .psd, presumably into Photoshop, you still can access the edited layers. Or do so in Browse.

  • Jeffrey Frankel

    Hi, Glenn. Thanks for responding. Re my secondary issue:

    So far, I have done all my (experimental) editing on only one layer in ON1 2019. After I export the finished layer as a .psd, I cannot access the edits at all - not even in ON1 2019. Exporting apparently flattens the file for all purposes, even to ON1 2019 itself. If the file is not exported, the edits made in ON1 2019 do not appear in Photo Mechanic. Photo Mechanic sees only the original, unedited file.

    The result of these limitations is that images edited in ON1 2019 are only saved nondestructively within ON1 2019 itself. My guess is that these limitations are casualties of the new multi-layer nondestructive editing features in ON1 2019.

    That may not be a bad tradeoff. For example, the ON1 2019 browser displays .m4v videos taken on my iPhone, which I can't get Photo Mechanic to display. Then again, neither browser displays images edited natively by any of the Skylum apps.


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