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Canon CR3 expected support release?




  • Edvard Ringen

    I have two (older) PCs running ON1 Photo Raw 2019. Version 2019.6 is installed on both. CR3 does not work on either. In addition does ON1 Photo Raw 2019 not work on one of them (clicks inside the app is mostly not recognized, almost nothing is working inside the app).

    I'm returning both PCs to version 2019.5 as that version at least works (albeit still no CR3 support).

    I have to use Canon DPP version 4 for editing my CR3 files. It's a hazzle, but at least that software works (both with and without GPU acceleration).

  • Edvard Ringen

    Finally fed up with waiting.
    Been in touch with support, and the result is a vague system requirement saying the graphics driver must be less than 6 months old. My hardware fulfills the system requirements, but the graphics driver date does not. I'm not about to buy a new PC in order to use this software.
    Refund requested and accepted.
    Off to (hopefully) greener pastures. See you around when/if ON1 fixes CR3 support.

  • Edvard Ringen

    Strange turn of events:

    As outlined previously in this thread, CR3 does not work in ON1 2019.6 on my computer due to "old graphics card driver".

    I tried out the beta for 2020 yesterday, and CR3 files work perfectly there! ON1 evidently fixed something in their code to make CR3 files work for me in the newer version of the software. Great! Now I just have to wait until the 2020 version is released and see if it still works. If yes, I'll be back with my money. :)

  • Kun Huo

    If anyone can let me know the 2020 version reads CR3 straight from the M50 that would be great. My decision to upgrade or hold off basically depends on this feature.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    It does, however, there are a couple of know issues with them: 


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