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Lightroom Migration - a word of warning



  • Don Maclean

    Please raise a support request as I haven't noticed that with CS6 catalogs. I see that the LR catalogs aren't altered just read and written to an ON1 catalog.

  • Anthony Quinn

    Hi Don. I have raised a ticket. I know this must sound very unlikely as data is supposedly only read. As I scroll through the photos in grid view in Lightroom I can see the crop in the preview thumbnail and then it disappears as if I had reset. I have restored my catalog to a backup from a month ago (my bad) and my crops have been restored. I have a copy of both catalogs if it is of any use to support.

  • Don Maclean

    Sounds strange but nothing is impossible. Support will look into it for you.

  • Marcel Dormanns

    Did you configure LR to use .xmp sidecars? Just experimented on my installation on Windows10, both LR as well as PR2019 store data into the same.xmp (tho PR2019 also uses the .on1 sidecar). Did not loose edits as far as I can judge, but 2 programs writing editing info into the same sidecar is suspicious at the least.

  • John Fafinski

    Did you get a solution to this? I had the same issue today. I migrated and was looking at a recent folder and noticed the crops didn't come over, when I went back into LR the crops were missing also. Fortunately I had a backup of my LR catalog so I got LR back to where it was but now the images in On1 aren't correct. I also noticed that some of my thumbnails in On1 are now red. Is there a way to revert everything back to how it was and try again? These were .dng files that were converted during import in LR

  • Anthony Quinn

    Hi John. No solution as yet it was passed on to developers. I had to revert Lightroom to a backup that was a month old (lesson learned). In a way I am glad someone else experienced this as it did sound very unlikely. Hopefully this will be fixed in the upcoming release. I have asked On1 to extend my money back offer to 60 days. If the next release does not fix all the issues I am having I will unfortunately be moving back to Adobe.

    Merry Christmas



  • Neil Hunt

    Still happens for me too: 2020/8/20.


    1. None of the crops appears to migrate - all the migrated photos are back to uncropped in On1

    2. Sometimes the crops get DELETED from the LIGHTROOM CATALOG!  At least this happens reliably when there is one or more virtual copies of a photograph, and they have different crops.  Example: I have rephotographed whole pages of some photo albums with 2-6 prints in one shot, made a virtual copies for each print, and cropped to represent the individual pictures from one page.  In On1, I now have 6 identical copies of the same multi-print page.

    3. If it's a simple photograph with a crop, the crop disappears in Lightroom in "Preparing to Migrate", fails to migrate to On1, but then if the migration completes successfully, the crop is reinstated in the Lightroom catalog.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Neil, you should report all of this to tech support. This is beyond anything that other users can help you with and that's who you are talking to here on the Support Forums. Use the Submit a request link below and include the information requested in this article:

  • Nitin Chandra

    Neil, if you stop the migration, you will lose all the develop settings. I have had that and there is no way excepting to restore the LR catalog from a backup and re-export all the metadata (xmp) if you use those. Would be a good idea to report this...

  • Nick Winkworth

    I wish I'd looked here before starting on this marathon. I can confirm that all these issues are still true in December 2021 with ON1 PR 2022.1.

    Basically, ON1's published claims of migrating settings from LR are not true.

    Crops are not transferred, settings are so wrong compared to LR that they are not usable even as a start point,  B&W conversions did not come over either and LR catalog settings are corrupted. (I had to restore from a backup).

    As I went through multiple attempts with aid from support I just uncovered more and more problems. In the end ON1 support (Brent) relied: "what you're seeing is known behavior. Lightroom's environment is essentially a black box to us, so we are having to use our best to convert their settings. We have to contend with when Adobe decides to make changes behind the scenes that are not obvious to us. Unfortunately we do not have a time table as to when we will be able to get their values and other data updated to migrate in a nicer way to ON1"

    Translation: You are SOL.


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