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Solved the HORRIBLE response time in my 2019



  • Ivor Rackham

    I've intermittently had the same issue, with On1, with Lightroom and other graphics heavy software and it has always been the out of date graphics driver that causes the issue. Try updating it via the NVIDIA or AMD Radeon website and don't rely on Windows update which can be months behind. Both NVIDiA and AMD Radeon have apps to install that make the update process easy and will notify you when an update is available.

  • Martina Watson

    Thank heaven for this particular forum topic which provided the solution to my problem. Which was that deleting photos during editing took so long that I thought the app had totally frozen - and I got the spinning beachball of death (on a Mac). When I read some of the answers here I immediately removed a number of folders from my catalogue and that solved my problem somewhat. I can now delete quickly in Browse mode only - but in Edit mode it still takes several minutes to delete one single photo. It really shouldn't be like this and ON1 should make allowances for larger catalogues: I had 72Gb worth of photos in that catalogued folder and I removed 15Gb worth - that's all it took for things to run smoothly again, at least in Browse mode.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Have you tried adjusting the Cache Size in Preferences > System? That controls how much RAM the program allocates to the browse cache. It has no affect on the amount of disk space used. Giving the program more RAM to hold preview thumbnails should improve scrolling speed although fast scrolling to the end of the cache will bottleneck until the cache gets refilled with new thumbnails


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