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How do I open into Nik as plugin?




  • Kevin Pinkerton

    First you need to go into preferences and go to the Files tab and select a .TIFF or .JPEG in the "What to Edit" section under File Format.

    Then you go into browse and select the image you want to work on. I usually export my raw file into a jpeg and select the jpeg. Then you go to the File Menu, and pick "Send to other app..." and browse to the Nik executable of the plugin you desire. You will get an option to Edit a copy with Settings Applied, or Edit original. What that means is when you save the changes in Nik, it will either come back in the same file you sent it (Edit Original) or it will come back in a new file.

    Once you do the Send to other app..., ON1 will remember and you will see the Nik plugin listed right above the Send to... on the file menu. And, also, you will see an option to send it to the Nik plugin if you select the image in browse and then right click on it.

  • Anthony Petrone

    Ah, thank you. I wondered if that was the way but didn't end up clicking the executable file.

  • Jeff Hambleton



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