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Removing All Edits



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Using Reset All is the proper way to do it. I can't say why it's not working, but if it's a consistent problem you should report it to tech support. Include a copy of the On1 log so they can look for errors.

    There is no need to play with the .on1 files, they are handled by the system and deleting one won't help because your edits are also kept in a database.

    BTW, the LeRoi Mine is kind of famous in my neck of the woods. ;)

  • LeRoi Mines

    Thanks Rick!!

    I gave up in the end and went out.  I came back to the photo, removed the layer I added and hit "Reset All" for the heck of it.  Lo and behold, the mask and thumbnail were GONE!!!  I'll keep an eye on this and submit a ticket should it keep happening.  Also, thanks for the tip about the edits being saved in a database.  That explains a lot.

    I wish I owned a part of that mine!!!! 😉


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