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Lightroom import producing crazy results!



  • Anthony Quinn

    Hi Jamie. I experienced similar issues. Wait till you find one where you have done some serious cloning.:) I also found that images that were cropped in Lightroom had no crop applied in PhotoRaw. The worst thing was all crops were removed from my Lightroom catalog and I had to restore to a month old backup (bad admin I know).

    I am trying really hard to love PhotoRaw 2019 but I keep finding problems. I am hoping they can solve them as I no longer want to give my money to Adobe.


  • Corentin Cras-Méneur

    Things have improved a bit for me with the release of the .2 version, but the app still has issues with some of my files which all appear completely green!

    It turns out that all the corresponding pictures are in .dng and ON1 Photo RAW is having issues with this format (and apparently, they are working on it… though it's been quite a while and I haven't heard back).

    Are you having the issue with all files? Or only .CR2 files?

  • Mike Ramsay

    I missed this thread while trialling 2019, and bought it.

    Currently migrating from Lr and having horrendous results with totally illogical edits applying to Olympus .ORF files (and in fairness, to a few Jpgs, but not so extremely. Here's the Tone panel from one correctly exposed file which, in Lightroom, I had simply lifted shadows:


    Totally weird!

    Next job is to work out how to undo all the AI tool errors, try to force it to detect and apply lens correction profiles automatically from it's database, and migrate colour labelling metadata, which got dropped somewhere (Stars survived).


    Or stick with Adobe until On1 sorts out it's bugs?


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