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Opening images in on1 from a different program (not Adobe)



  • Don Maclean

    You can test by sending it to the Lightroom Stubs, which will open directly in say Effects, in the Program Data directory but I am not sure about Color Profiles etc. as it seems to embed the profile specified in the Lightroom Plugin settings.

    The EXE files are in "C:\ProgramData\ON1\ON1 Layers 2019\Lightroom Stubs"

    Try it out.

  • Gus Panella


    This works perfectly!  Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you

  • Rune Helland

    Thank You soo much!

    BUT I'm truly impressed in a negative way how well they have hidden this compared to the previous versions. The browse/DAM functionality that everyone is working on these days are of no use to me since I'm using a dedicated program for that (IdImager Supreme). On1 is my primary editing software, and it seems that I need to relearn quite a few things with the 2019 version compared to the 2018 some months I'll be there I hope, or possibly just in time for the 2020 version...

    Thanks again Don


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