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Is there a working search function in the forum?




  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I think it actually does search the forums, but it doesn't show the results of the search. If you search for your name (Brooks), it will say there is one result and right below it, it says there are no results. I'm pretty sure your name isn't in the FAQ, so it must be searching the forum. so, is there a bug in the search, or did On1 just not finish writing it. Either way, I wish they'd fix it.

    Something that might work is this Google search:

    site: (search topic)

    It does show results from the forum, but it's still hard to find what you're looking for.

  • Darryl Brooks

    I actually asked support a while back about the one result - no results, and they said that it was a bug. That the one result was the no results. 


    If you put the entire subject of this thread in a search, it says it returns 178 results across 16 pages, but all but the first 4 pages are blank saying, "No results found"

    Short answer, trying to search the forums before posting is a waste of time. 


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