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Current Version ruined editing on Mac. How to go back to previous version?



  • Carlos Rivera

    I have the same exact issue. This used to be such a great product. Please fix!!!!

  • Permanently deleted user

    Still struggling with this new version.  It is so bad it's like no one tested it before release. All the stuff that worked no longer works, the new stuff is cludgy at best.  The whole system is slow and goes into "no response" a few times a day.  They were really were moving along with 2018 then... they release this version and now I can't depend on it anymore :(  I've entered many issues into the support queue, some things have been fixed/revised with the latest release.  But some of the basic unique features they had in 2018 were either removed or not working. So sad. 



  • J Michael Morelli

    @BIll - I made a ticket for you.

    For those above - I would encourage you to send a note to our support team so that we can take a look at what's going on. Submit a ticket at


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